Extraordinary Meeting of the Council – 19 November 2008


THE MAYOR – Councillor Jawaid

Councillors Ali, Appleyard, Armitage, Bainbridge, Barker, Barkworth, Berry, B Briggs, J Briggs, Mrs Bromby, Bunyan, Carlile, Cawsey, Clark, Collinson, Davison, Eckhardt, Ellerby, England, L Foster, T Foster, Glover, Gosling, Grant, Kirk, O’Sullivan, Poole, Mrs Redfern, Regan, C Sherwood, N Sherwood, Mrs Sidell, Mrs Simpson, Smith, Swift, Vickers, Waltham, Wardle, Wells, Whiteley and Wilson.

The Council met at Pittwood House, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe.

1666 STATEMENT BY THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE – The Chief Executive made the following statement –

“Mr Mayor, before proceeding further I would wish to make a statement to the council concerning the motion in respect of which this meeting has been called.

“A requisition signed by five members requesting an extraordinary meeting for the purpose of considering the motion was made to the Mayor. Acting on advice from the Monitoring Officer and myself to the effect that the motion raised a relevant issue affecting the council, this extraordinary meeting was called.

“Subsequently as a result of further information which was received and enquiries and searches made it was determined that steps had been taken to pay the outstanding judgement and, most importantly from the council’s perspective, that Councillor Waltham is not and was not at the relevant time, declared bankrupt with a Restrictions Order.

“This is the only ground on which a member can be disqualified from standing or remaining as a member as a result of an unsatisfied County Court Judgement.

“In view of this the matter is now only of a personal nature and is not within the scope of council business.

“I hope this statement answers the question raised in the motion.”

1667 DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS – Declarations of personal interests were made by –

Councillors Appleyard, Berry, J Briggs, Mrs Bromby, Bunyan, Clark, Eckhardt, England, T Foster, Glover, Mrs Redfern, C Sherwood, N Sherwood, Mrs Sidell, Vickers, Wardle and Wells.

Councillor Waltham declared a personal and prejudicial interest.

At this point the members of the Conservative Group left the meeting.

1668 NOTICE OF MOTION – INVESTIGATION – In accordance with procedure rule D1.17 Councillor Swift asked the council to consent to alter the motion to the following –

“This council accepts the findings of the officer’s investigation into outstanding issues appertaining to Councillor Rob Waltham and any impact it may have had on his capacity as a North Lincolnshire Councillor.

“Furthermore, this council calls upon Councillor Waltham to do the honourable thing and apologise to the people of North Lincolnshire for allowing private and business issues to impinge in his role as an elected member of North Lincolnshire Council.”

At the request of members and in accordance with procedure rule 23(d) the names of members voting for, against and abstaining from the motion are as follows –

FOR: Councillors Ali, Armitage, Bainbridge, Barker, Barkworth, Carlile, Cawsey, Collinson, Davison, Ellerby, L Foster, Gosling, Grant, Kirk, O’Sullivan, Simpson, Smith, Swift, Whiteley and Wilson.


ABSTAINING: Councillors B Briggs, Poole and Regan.

Altered Motion Carried