Special Meeting of the Council – 16 July 2013

Present – The Mayor – Councillor Peter Clark

Councillors Allcock, Armitage, Bainbridge, Barker, Briggs, Mrs Bromby, Bunyan, Carlile, Collinson, Davison, Eckhardt, Ellerby, England, Evison, L Foster, T Foster, Glover, Godfrey, Gosling, Grant, Jawaid, Marper, Ogg, Oldfield, O’Sullivan, Poole, Mrs Redfern, Robinson, Rowson, C Sherwood, N Sherwood, Swift, K Vickers, P Vickers, Waltham, Wardle, Wells, Whiteley and Wilson.

The council met at the Civic Centre Ashby Road, Scunthorpe.


2194  PROCEDURE RULE D1.41 – It was moved by Councillor L Foster and seconded by Councillor Steve Swift –

That the council’s Procedure Rules be suspended in order to allow a maximum of 3 petitioners to speak for a maximum of 5 minutes each (with the right to the final response).

Moved by Councillor England and seconded by Councillor Briggs as an amendment –

That the council’s Procedure Rules be suspended in order to allow 3 petitioners to speak for a maximum of 15 minutes each (with the right to the final response).

Amendment Carried
Motion Carried Unanimous

2195  SOS DE LACY HOUSE – In accordance with Procedure Rule D.1.35(d), a petition containing over 1595 (verified) signatures was considered by the council.

Three representatives of the petitioners, Ms F Marritt, Dr G Leitch and Mr M Joyce presented the petition and commented on the previous decisions taken by the cabinet member for people in relation to the future of De Lacy House, Winterton.

Following the presentation of the petition members of the council debated the issues contained within the petition relating to the future of De Lacy House. Mrs Marritt, Dr Leitch and Mr Joyce then responded.

Following the response from the petitioners the Leader of the Council first of all thanked the petition organisers and members of the public for attending the meeting, and then –

It was then moved by Councillor Mrs Redfern and seconded by Councillor Briggs –

That this council recommends that the Cabinet Member for People consider this petition in light of the significant consultation carried out with the community on the future proposals to develop a £3.2 million intermediate care complex on the De Lacy House site.

Moved by Councillor Gosling and seconded by Councillor L Foster as an amendment –

(a) That this council congratulates the people of Winterton for their community spirit in working together to bring the council locally based solutions for care in the town supported by unprecedented numbers of petitioners, and (b) that this council supports the views of the Winterton people as set out in the petition and consequently supports the retention of De Lacy House that will be the base for respite, day and residential care in Winterton, details to be agreed with the SOS De Lacy House Community Group and with Winterton Town Council.

Amendment Lost
Motion Carried