Special Meeting of the Council – 21 January 2015


THE MAYOR – Councillor Trevor Foster

Councillors:  Ali, Allcock, Bainbridge, Barker, J Briggs, Mrs Bromby, Bunyan, Carlile, Clarke, Collinson, Davison, Eckhardt, Ellerby, England, Evison, L Foster, Glover, Godfrey, Gosling, Grant, Jawaid, Kataria, Marper, Ogg, Oldfield,  O’Sullivan, Poole, Mrs Redfern, Robinson, Rowson, C Sherwood, N Sherwood, Swift, P Vickers, Waltham, Wardle, Wells, Whiteley and Wilson.

The council met at the Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe.


Member  Subject/Minute
Councillor M Ali Licensed Hackney Carriage Driver
Councillor J Briggs Humberside Fire Authority – Member
Councillor J England Humberside Police and Crime Panel – Member
Councillor J Evison Appleby Frodingham Sports and Social Club – Member
Councillor T Gosling Appleby Frodingham Sports and Social Club – Member
Councillor E Marper Humberside Fire Authority – Member
Councillor D Oldfield Appleby Frodingham Sports and Social Club – Member
Councillor C Sherwood North Lincolnshire Homes – Member
Councillor R Waltham North Lincolnshire Homes – Member
Humberside Fire Authority – Member

2351  PROCEDURE RULE D(1.41) – It was moved and seconded –

That the council’s Procedure Rules be suspended in order to allow each petitioner to speak for a maximum of 15 minutes each.  It was also agreed that each member who had indicated a wish to speak could do so for a maximum of 5 minutes each.

Motion Carried

2352  CO-OP SPORTS GROUND – CENTRAL PARK, SCUNTHORPE – In accordance with Procedure Rule D.135(d) a petition containing 1,662  signatures was considered by the council.

Two representatives of the petitioners, Mr Stuart Green and Mr Rick Laudon presented the petition, commented on the previous decision taken by the cabinet member for Customer Services  Sport and Leisure and outlined the detailed background to the petition.

Following the presentation of the petition members of the council debated the issues contained within it relating to the Co-op Sports Ground, Central Park, Scunthorpe.

Following the debate by members of the council, it was then –

Moved by Councillor Mrs Redfern and seconded by Councillor Briggs –

(a)  That the petitioners be thanked for the contributions they have made to this debate; (b) that the council continue to listen and engage with all residents regarding the Co-op Sports Ground and commits to discharge its legal obligations regarding the fencing of the sports ground.  Furthermore, this council continues to commit to provide high quality, customer focus services that respond to all customers needs, and (c) that the original decision of the cabinet member for Customer Service, Sport and Leisure be endorsed along with the ongoing implementation of that decision.

Moved by Councillor Wilson and seconded by Councillor Gosling as an amendment –

“This council recognises and appreciates the community involvement and congratulates the work of the Friends of Scunthorpe Fields and Open Spaces (FOSFOS) in relation to the aborted transfer of the Co-op Sports Field.

The collection of 1,662 signatures is evidence of the hostility locally against this proposal.

This council calls upon the cabinet member for Customer Service, Sport and Leisure, the cabinet member for Asset Management, Culture and Housing and the Leader of the Council to apologise for their mishandling of the whole situation.”

At the request of members and in accordance with Procedure Rule 1.23(d) the names of members voting for, against and abstaining from the amendment are as follows –

FOR: Councillors: Ali, Bainbridge, Barker, Carlile, Collinson, Davison, Ellerby, L Foster, Godfrey, Gosling, Grant, Jawaid, Kataria, Oldfield, O’Sullivan, Swift, Whiteley and Wilson.

AGAINST: Councillors: Allcock, Briggs, Mrs Bromby, Bunyan, Clark, Eckhardt, England, Evison, T Foster, Glover, Marper, Ogg, Poole, Mrs Redfern, Robinson, Rowson, C Sherwood, N Sherwood, P Vickers, Waltham, Wardle and Wells.


Amendment Lost
Motion Carried