Extraordinary Meeting of the Council 20 April 2018 (2)


THE MAYOR – Councillor P Clark

Councillors Ali, Armiger, Armitage, Bainbridge, Briggs, Collinson, A Davison, J Davison, Ellerby, Evison, L Foster, T Foster, Glover, Godfrey, Gosling, Grant, Kataria, Kirk, Longcake, Marper, Mumby-Croft, Ogg, Oldfield, O’Sullivan, Poole, Baroness Redfern, Reed, Robinson, Rose, Rowson, N Sherwood, Swift, K Vickers, P Vickers, Waltham MBE, Wells and Wilson.

The council met at the Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe.


Member Subject/Minute
Councillor M Ali Taxi company owner and licence holder
Councillor M Grant Member of National Cycling Club

2570   NOTICE OF MOTION AND AMENDMENT – BUDGET – ROADS, PAVEMENTS, FLOOD DEFENCE AND DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS – It was moved by Councillor R Waltham MBE and seconded by Councillor D Rose –

‘That this Council resolves to thank the teams who worked tirelessly throughout the recent adverse weather to keep our area and its residents safe and connected.

In addition, we recognise the Council’s commitment to spend £47 million over 2018-22 on roads and pavements throughout North Lincolnshire, together with a further commitment to spend nearly £2million on flooding and drainage improvements.

This Council should robustly oppose the proposals by Labour Councillors (at the meeting on the Council on 1 March 2018) to cut road and pavement budgets by nearly £12 million and their proposal to completely cut funding for flood defence schemes such as those proposed in Winteringham, South Ferriby, Burringham, Keadby, Althorpe, Derrythorpe, West Butterwick and other Trentside villages, and drainage schemes like those planned on the Priory Lane School Field’.

Moved by Councillor L Foster and seconded by Councillor A Davison as an amendment –

‘That this Council resolves to thank the teams who have worked tirelessly throughout the recent adverse weather to keep our area and its residents safe and connected, while simultaneously condemning the controlling Conservative Group for amassing seven years of neglect in relation to North Lincolnshire’s highways which has resulted in an unprecedented number of potholes.

Furthermore this Council recognises that the road maintenance and highways budget has been underfunded since 2011, imposed by the Conservative Council with year on year reductions. It is also acknowledges that the council’s adherence to the Government’s austerity programme was a mistake.

It therefore calls on the Council Leader and Deputy Leader to offer a full and public apology to the people of North Lincolnshire for their failings.

The Labour Group formally calls for the Council’s future development maintenance programme to be professionally assessed, free from political bias and that all work carried out will be of a robust, long lasting nature and also recognising the commitment by the Labour Group for a full review into all of North Lincolnshire’s roads and pavements’

At this point in the proceedings and in accordance with Council Procedure Rule D1. 19 (i) – It was moved by Councillor L Foster and seconded by Councillor A Davison-

‘That Councillor R Waltham MBE be not further heard.’

Motion Lost

With regards to the above notice of motion and amendment which notice had been given in the summons to the meeting –

Amendment Lost

Motion Carried

(The following members were not present in the council chamber at the time the vote on the motion was taken – Councillors Ali, Armitage, Bainbridge, Collinson, A Davison, Ellerby, L Foster, Godfrey, Gosling, Grant, Kataria, Kirk, Oldfield, O’Sullivan, Swift and Wilson).