Annual Meeting of the Council 10 May 2016


THE MAYOR – Councillor Helen Rowson

Councillors Ali, Allcock, Armiger, Armitage, Bainbridge, J Briggs, Carlile, Clark, Collinson, A Davison, J Davison, Ellerby, England, Evison, L Foster, T Foster, Glover, Godfrey, Gosling, Grant, Hannigan, Kataria, Longcake, Marper, Mumby-Croft, Ogg, Oldfield, O’Sullivan, Poole, Mrs Redfern, Reed, Robinson, Rose, C Sherwood,  N Sherwood, K Vickers, P Vickers,  Waltham, Wells, and Wilson.

The council met at The Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe.

2430   MAYOR’S REMARKS – The Mayor welcomed fellow councillors, officers and members of the public to the meeting.  She outlined some of the highlights of her year of office and said that it had been a great honour and privilege to represent North Lincolnshire.  She reported that £19,499.57 had been raised for her charity and she presented a cheque to Lindsey Lodge Hospice.

2431   ELECTION OF MAYOR – Following the opening remarks made by Councillor Rowson the council proceeded to elect a Mayor.

Moved by Councillor Poole and seconded by Councillor Baroness Redfern –

That Councillor Trevor Foster be elected Mayor of North Lincolnshire Council for the ensuing year until his successor becomes entitled to act as Mayor.

Motion Carried

Councillor Foster then made a declaration of acceptance of office in accordance with Section 83 of the Local Government Act 1972.

At this point Councillor Foster took the chair.

Councillor Foster then expressed his thanks to the council for his appointment and spoke of his hopes for his year in office.

2432   VOTE OF THANKS TO RETIRING MAYOR – Moved by Councillor Baroness Redfern and seconded by Councillor L Foster –

That the council expresses to Councillor Helen Rowson sincere thanks for the most able way in which she has carried out the duties of Mayor of the council during the past year.
Motion Carried

2433  APPOINTMENT OF DEPUTY MAYOR – The council proceeded to the appointment of a Deputy Mayor –

Moved by Councillor Hannigan and seconded by Councillor Wells –
That Councillor Peter Clark be appointed Deputy Mayor of North Lincolnshire Council for the ensuing year.

Motion Carried

Councillor Clark then made a declaration of acceptance of office in accordance with Section 83 of the Local Government Act 1972.

2434   MEETINGS OF THE COUNCIL 2016/2017

Moved by Councillor Baroness Redfern and seconded by Councillor Waltham –

That meetings of the council be held at the time indicated on the following dates –

Thursday 29 September 2016 – 5.00 p.m.

Thursday 15 December, 2016 – 2.00 p.m.

Thursday 16 February 2017 – 10.00 a.m.

Thursday 18 May 2017 – 10.30 a.m. (Annual Meeting)
Motion Carried

2435   NOTIFICATION OF GROUP LEADERS AND SECRETARIES– The Chief Executive reported the following notifications in relation to the appointment of Group Leaders, Specified Representatives (Deputy Leader) and Secretaries.

Conservative Councillor Baroness Redfern and

(Joint Group

Councillor Rob Waltham


Councillor John England
Labour Councillor Len Foster Councillor Andrea Davison Councillor John Collinson

Resolved – That the report be noted.

2436   (1)      LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND HOUSING ACT 1989 – POLITICAL BALANCE AND COMMITTEES Having regard to the report of the Director of Policy and Resources, entitled “Local Government and Housing Act 1989 – Political Balance the representation of the different political groups on each committee/panel is to be reviewed.

Moved by Councillor Baroness Redfern and seconded by Councillor Waltham

That Committees/Panels be appointed until the date of the Annual Meeting of the Council in 2017 or such earlier date as may be determined from time to time by the Council, and the number of members and appointments be as shown –

Committees/Panels Number of Members Conservative Members Labour Group
Planning Committee 10 6 4
Licensing Committee 15 9 6
People Scrutiny Panel 5 3 2
Governance Scrutiny Panel 5 3 2
Health Scrutiny Panel 5 3 2
(plus 2 Church Representatives – voting) ) In relation to education

(plus 2 Parent Governors – voting)      ) issues

Audit Committee 7 4 3
Appeals Committee Pool 12 8 4
Standards Committee 7 4 3
(plus one co-opted non-voting member)

(plus two independent persons – non-voting)

Appointment and Employment Committee 5 3 2
Humberside Police and Crime Panel To be appointed in line with the Council’s political balance/proportionality arrangements.

That the membership of committees/panels be as follows –


Conservative (6) Labour (4)
Councillors: Councillors:
Allcock (vc) Bainbridge






N Sherwood (c)


Conservative (9) Labour (6)
Councillors: Councillors:
Allcock Ali
Clark Armitage
Glover Ellerby
Mumby-Croft Kataria

C Sherwood



K Vickers (c)
P Vickers (vc)


Conservative (4) Labour (3)
Councillors: Councillors:
England (vc) Collinson
T Foster Godfrey
Poole (c) O’Sullivan
Co-opted (Non-Voting) Members
Mr W Harvie
Independent Persons – (Non-Voting)
Mr J Goolden
Mr R Johnson


Membership of appeals committees to deal with individual cases to be appointed as required from eligible members as set out below –

Conservative (8) Labour (4)
Councillors: Councillors:
Allcock Davison
England Oldfield
Marper O’Sullivan
Mumby-Croft Wilson


Conservative (4) Labour (3)
Councillors: Councillors:
Clark Gosling
T Foster (vc) Kirk
Glover (c)

K Vickers



Conservative (3) Labour (2)
Councillors: Councillors:
Clark Bainbridge
Longcake Collinson (vc)
Church Representatives Parent Governor Representatives
Mr W Egan Mr S Milner
Mr P Thompson Mrs P Whittaker

Note:The Church representatives and the Parent Governor representatives are entitled to attend meetings dealing with education issues.  Parent governor representatives will be entitled to substitute for one another as and when required.

Conservative (3) Labour (2)
Councillors: Councillors:
J Davison Ali
Robinson (c) Gosling (vc)


Conservative (3) Labour (2)
Councillors: Councillors:
Armiger Carlile (vc)
Mumby-Croft (c) Ellerby


Conservative (1)

Councillor: Redfern

Councillors Briggs, N Sherwood and Waltham declared a personal interest in the following item as members of Humberside Fire Authority.  Councillors Briggs, Baroness Redfern and Waltham also declared personal interests as members of the three Ongo Boards.

2437   (2) CONSTITUTION AND GOVERNANCE ISSUES – Members had before them a report by the Director of Policy and Resources outlining proposed amendments to the Constitution to facilitate changes to the council’s working arrangements.
The amendments necessary to facilitate these changes were set out in the report and the accompanying appendices.

Reference was also made to key outside bodies.

Moved by Councillor Baroness Redfern and seconded by Councillor Waltham –

(a)  That the recommendations detailed in the report and appendices be approved and adopted and the Constitution be amended and where appropriate re-numbered accordingly; and (b)  that appointments be made to key outside bodies as follows until the date of the Annual Meeting of the Council in 2017 or such earlier date as may be determined from time to time by the council –

Number of Members Conservative Members Labour


Humberside Combined Fire Authority 4 3 1
Humberside Bridge Board 1 1
Humberside Airport Board 1 1
North Lincolnshire Adoption Panel 2 1 1

and (c) that no appointments be made to the three Ongo Boards as detailed in the report.

Motion Carried


(a) That Cabinet Members and Chairmen and Vice-Chairs of Committees/Panels be appointed as follows –

Committee Member/Chairman Portfolio/Committee/Panel Vice-Chairman
Councillor John Briggs Commercial Enterprise
Councillor Ivan Glover Audit Committee Councillor Trevor Foster
Councillor Richard Hannigan Governance and Transformation
Councillor Elaine Marper People Scrutiny Panel Councillor John Collinson
Councillor Holly Mumby-Croft Health Scrutiny Panel Councillor Pauline Carlile
Councillor Neil Poole Environment  Standards Committee Councillor John England
Councillor Baroness Redfern Leader and Devolution
Councillor Julie Reed Adults and Families
Councillor David Rose Children Families and Learning
Councillor Carl Sherwood Health and Wellbeing
Councillor Nigel Sherwood Planning Committee Councillor Ron Allcock
Councillor Keith Vickers Licensing Committee Councillor Paul Vickers

Motion Carried

2439   APPOINTMENT OF LEAD MEMBERS – Moved by Councillor Baroness Redfern and seconded by Councillor Waltham –

(a)      That lead members be appointed as follows:-

Councillor Ron Allcock                           Flooding and Drainage

Councillor Margaret Armiger                   Neighbourhoods and Environment

Councillor John Davison                        Inward Investment

Councillor John England                        Two Wheel Transport/Cycleways

Councillor Jonathan Evison                    Steel and Heavy Industry Ambassador

Councillor Ivan Glover                          Culture

Councillor Derek Longcake                    Older People and Dementia

Councillor Ralph Ogg                            Local Highways Infrastructure

Councillor Helen Rowson                       Children’s Services

Councillor Paul Vickers                         Sport and Leisure

Councillor David Wells                          Public Transport

and (b) that given the importance of the steel industry to the economic wellbeing of North Lincolnshire a new role of lead member for steel and heavy industry be created with Councillor Jonathan Evison as that lead member and that the remuneration for this role and any amendments to the Council’s scheme be determined by the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Independent Members Remuneration Panel, pursuant to The Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003.

Motion Carried

2440   TIMETABLE OF MEETINGS 2016/2017 – The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a proposed timetable of meetings for 2016/2017.

Moved by Councillor Baroness Redfern and seconded by Councillor Waltham –

That the timetable of meetings for 2016/2017 be approved and adopted.

Motion Carried

2441   (3) GREATER LINCOLNSHIRE DEVOLUTION PROPOSAL – The Chief Executive submitted a report updating council on the progress made in the devolution proposal by the ten local authorities in the Greater Lincolnshire area and to detail the process for the next stages in the devolution programme.  The report also considered the latest elements of the devolution proposal and required council to consider and set direction for the next stages of the process.

The council had received the Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Deal Interim Governance Proposal and the then latest version of the Deal document at its meeting on 10 November 2015 (Minute 2401refers). Council had approved that the Greater Lincolnshire devolution expression of interest, submitted to Government on 4 September 2015, should be developed into a fit for purpose devolution deal document via a continued formal engagement with Government and authority was delegated to the Leader and Chief Executive to continue devolution discussions and negotiations with government.

These discussions and extensive work culminated in the Devolution Agreement being signed by the ten Greater Lincolnshire Council leaders and Government ministers.  This had been formally announced by the Chancellor in the budget on 16 March, 2016.

There were clear statutory processes that needed to be followed in accordance with the Cities and Local Devolution Act 2016 to establish a mayoral combined authority and devolving appropriate powers from central government from May 2017. The Greater Lincolnshire deal was one of the first to be progressed under this legislation.  All the councils involved needed to undertake a governance review, publish a scheme as to how a mayoral combined authority would work, undertake a statutory consultation on the scheme and provide a summary of the consultation responses to the Secretary of State. The primary purpose of the governance review was to set out the rationale for creating a Greater Lincolnshire geographic/economic footprint and to propose options for governance. The governance review on the consultation of the draft scheme would enable the Secretary of State to decide whether the statutory tests on improving the exercises of functions were met and whether it was appropriate to make the order (if parliament approves) establishing the mayoral combined authority. Before making such an order consent needed to be sought from the constituent councils.

The report now submitted set out the terms of the governance review and the scheme on which the council would consult. Each council would receive the attachments for consideration by its full council and the report inviting the same recommendations at their next scheduled meetings.

Attached to the report was a copy of the Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Agreement, the Governance Review for Greater Lincolnshire, and the draft Scheme for the establishment of the Greater Lincolnshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

Moved by Councillor Baroness Redfern and seconded by Councillor Waltham –

“That the recommendations contained in the report be approved and adopted.”

At the request of members and in accordance with Procedure Rule 1.22 (d) the names of members voting for, against and abstaining from the motion are as follows –

FOR:   Councillors Allcock, Armiger, Briggs, Clark, J Davison,  England, Evison, T Foster, Glover, Hannigan, Longcake, Marper, Mumby-Croft, Ogg, Poole, Baroness Redfern, Reed, Robinson, Rose, Rowson, C Sherwood, N Sherwood, K Vickers, P Vickers, Waltham  and Wells.

AGAINST:    Councillors Ali, Armitage, Bainbridge, Carlile, Collinson, A Davison, Ellerby, L Foster, Godfrey, Gosling, Grant, Kataria, Oldfield, O’Sullivan  and Wilson.

ABSTAINING:        Nil

Motion Carried

2442   (4) LINCOLNSHIRE LAKES AREA ACTION PLAN – The Director of Places submitted a report informing council about the outcome of the Planning Inspector’s report on the Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan Public Examination held in October 2015 and seeking formal adoption of the Action Plan for decision making purposes.

The council has started work on the Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan (LLAAP) in 2011.  That plan was subject to significant public consultation as well as a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and a Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA).

The draft LLAAP was submitted to government for independent examination in March 2015.  The examination hearings led by an independent Planning Inspector were held during October 2015. The council then had to consult on Main Modifications to the LLAAP after which the Inspector further considered all relevant evidence.  The Inspector issued her final report on 20 April 2016.

The Inspector concluded that the LLAAP was sound, subject to the Main Modifications agreed during the examination hearings.  It is now not possible to make any further changes to the document.  A copy of the Inspector’s Report, Main Modifications and Minor Modifications were appended to the report.

As part of the Main Modifications the Affordable Housing Policy had been amended to comply with Core Strategy Policy CS9 and all applications would now be subject to a viability discussions (in accordance with the Interim Affordable Housing Policy) and reduced figures considered alongside offsite contributions.

The LLAAP adoption version was available to view via the council’s website using the link set out in the report.

Once adopted, the LLAAP would form part of the Local Development Framework (LDF) that would guide the future planning development of the area up to 2026. It aimed to ensure that new homes, jobs and important infrastructure were provided in the right place at the right time as well as protecting and enhancing the natural and built in environment.  It also supported the development of key development sites such as the South Humber Gateway as well as other major regeneration plans that would transform North Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire Lakes was key to achieving the vision for the area to become a Global Gateway for the North of England. It was essential in terms of delivering North Lincolnshire’s housing land requirements.  It was however more than just a housing development.  It would create a major new sustainable waterside setting and neighbourhood. The project involved the creation of six sustainable villages located to the west of Scunthorpe, providing high quality, well designed sustainable new homes set out in a number of localities as well as providing major opportunities for tourism, sport, leisure and recreation all set within a unique lakeside environment. The proposal also included the provision of a high quality commercial park which would help in the creation of the local economy and the creation of new, highly skilled jobs. The lakes should positively transform the western approach to Scunthorpe and create a valuable biodiversity and habitat creation.  During the plan period up to 2028, the aim was to deliver over 6,000 new homes.

Moved by Councillor Baroness Redfern and seconded by Councillor Waltham –

“That the recommendations contained in the report be approved and adopted.”

Motion Carried