Cabinet Portfolios

Cabinet members

The Cabinet is made up of the leader of the council and eight other councillors appointed by the leader.

Each member of the Cabinet has a particular portfolio, covering service and councilwide responsibilities:

  • Leader: Cllr Rob Waltham MBE
  • Deputy Leader: Cllr Richard Hannigan


Leader Portfolio:
Cllr Rob Waltham

Deputy Leader:
Cllr Richard Hannigan

Safer Communities:
Cllr John Davison

Children, Families and Culture:
Cllr David Rose

Cllr Neil Poole

Cllr Julie Reed

Resident Engagement and Governance:
Cllr Elaine Marper

Adults and Health:
Cllr Ralph Ogg

Environment and Wellbeing:
Cllr Carl Sherwood


Minutes of decisions can be found by accessing the relevant Cabinet Portfolio.