Adult Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 21 May 2009

40 (26) OUTCOME OF CONSULTATION WITH HOUSEHOLDS WHO RECEIVE THE OLDER PEOPLE SUPPORT SERVICE – The Service Director Adult Social Care submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of the outcome of consultation with the North Lincolnshire Homes (NLH) tenants who currently received the older people support service, and seeking approval of the proposal to inform the tenants of the outcomes of consultation and advise them of the next steps.

The older people support service (previously known as the Warden Service) was a service that was commissioned and funded by the Supporting People Programme within North Lincolnshire. The service consisted of an alarm call system which was installed within properties and personal visits from support officers. The service was currently provided by NLH and supported approximately 2800 homes across North Lincolnshire. All recipients of the service were tenants of NLH.

All contracts within the Supporting People Programme were reviewed as part of a three year plan, an integral part of the review was to take into account the views of the current recipients of the service. To enable the programme to gain an understanding of the current service, a plan was established to consult with as many recipients of the service as possible. The plan included:

  • A leaflet sent to all households in receipt of the service to explain the review