Adult Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 23 June 2008

15 (1) NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE SAFEGUARDING ADULTS BOARD ANNUAL REPORT 2007/2008 – The Service Director Adult Social Care submitted a report seeking approval of the sixth North Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report, and providing a progress report against last year’s considerations.

All councils had been delegated a duty to work in partnership to establish systems and services that protected vulnerable adults from abuse. The council established an Area Adult Protection Committee as a result of the ‘No Secrets’ guidance of 2000, published by the Department of Health. The committee comprised senior representatives from the main statutory authorities, including the Police, NHS Trusts, Commission for Social Care Inspection, independent care organisations, the voluntary sector and the council’s Adult Social Services. Officers of the council and partners co-ordinated and investigated all safeguarding adult referrals.

The report gave details of the findings from the Annual Report for the period 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008, and comparisons with the previous Annual Report.

Resolved – That the sixth North Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report be approved.

16 (2) PROCUREMENT OF IMPROVED SUPPORT SERVICES TO PEOPLE WITH MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS, DRUG AND ALCOHOL MISUSE, PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS AND PEOPLE WHO HAVE OFFENDED – The Service Director Adult Social Care submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of a review of Supporting People services, and seeking approval to remodel the services.

The Supporting People Programme in North Lincolnshire currently funded housing related support services to a variety of client groups. As a requirement of the grant conditions a review of existing services had been undertaken, and in 2007 a procurement plan was agreed.

Consultation identified that some service users did not know how to access Supporting People services. Service users were also being placed in services that may not be the most appropriate for them, and it was also difficult to identify unmet need. A Supporting People First Stop would be a central point to link service users and providers. It was proposed that as further reviews took place, other providers would work with the First Stop, and it could also link with or be part of any future corporate one-stop shop.

The report gave details of areas that had been identified for improvement as a result of the review.

Resolved – (a) That the outcomes of the review and consultation undertaken be noted, and (b) that the proposed market testing of remodelled and new services be approved.

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17 (3) FRESH START STAFFING – The Service Director Adult Social Care submitted a report seeking approval to establish two administrative posts to assist in the delivery of Fresh Start services.

A report outlining plans for the sustainability of Fresh Start was approved on 6 May 2008 (minute 11 refers).The report included details about the proposed funding of Fresh Start by the council and the North Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust. The funding would ensure that the services provided by Fresh Start could continue, therefore allowing Fresh Start to keep improving the health and well being of North Lincolnshire residents.

When the original bid for funding was submitted to the Department of Health, administrative posts were not included in the submission. Over the past two years, the numbers of people in contact with Fresh Start had been in excess of what was expected. In addition a number of new services had been developed.

To respond effectively to the changes, two administrative posts were created; a casual member of staff to cover reception and the booking line, employed by the council, and an Office Manager position, employed by Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire. The posts had proved invaluable to the success of Fresh Start, they were the first point of contact for many people accessing the service and their training and knowledge of other services had resulted in many older people being signposted and assisted to access appropriate services and support.

It was proposed that the two posts be permanently established and funded through Fresh Start monies.

Resolved – (a) That the proposal to create the two administrative posts within the Fresh Start team, as detailed in the report, be approved, and (b) that the report be forwarded to the Corporate Services Cabinet Member for approval.

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