Children’s Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 10 June 2008

62 (11) PRIMARY CAPITAL STRATEGY FOR CHANGE – The Service Director Learning, Schools and Communities submitted a report considering the council’s submission to the government regarding the Primary Strategy for Change (PSC).

In December 2007, the government announced its full programme for rolling out the PSC. The PSC was a 15 year scheme to invest heavily in improving the stock of primary school buildings. The scheme contained targets to re-build or improve at least 50 percent of primary schools.

In order to secure funding for a start in April 2009, each council must submit an application in standard format to the Department for Schools, Children and Families (DCSF), in June 2008. The government would announce the results of its evaluation in September 2008.

The report gave details of the various stages in the PSC programme and the council’s proposed submission.

Resolved – That the council’s Primary Strategy for Change submission to the Department for Children, Schools and Families be approved.