Children’s Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 16 September 2008

76 (25) BUILDING SCHOOLS FOR THE FUTURE (BSF): INTERIM EVALUATION OF BIDS – The Service Director Learning, Schools and Communities submitted a report seeking approval of the BSF Project Board’s recommendation regarding the two bid teams to be invited to continue in dialogue following interim evaluation of bids.

The procurement plan for BSF in North Lincolnshire was based on the ‘competitive dialogue’ process. This meant that the council would engage in detailed dialogue and negotiation with potential bidders until a preferred bidder was selected. In order to enable focus on the latter stages of the process, it was always planned to reduce the field to only two bidders by evaluating all bids at an interim stage.

An interim assessment bid would look at bids that were not at the final stage for submission. However, the bids were all sufficiently developed and this allowed for a thorough and rigorous evaluation to take place.

Resolved – That the outcome of the evaluation, that Generation Education North Lincolnshire and May Gurney Ltd progress to the next stage of the competitive dialogue, be approved.