Children’s Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 27 February 2009

96 (45) MACHINERY OF GOVERNMENT CHANGES FOR 14-19 LEARNING AND SKILLS – The Service Director Learning, Schools and Communities submitted an urgent report seeking endorsement of proposals for the delivery of 16-19 learning in the area from April 2010.

The statutory framework for 14-19 learning and skills was changing. By 2012 all 17 year olds would have to be learning or training, all 18 year olds by 2015. They would be entitled to wider options which must include 17 diplomas. Provision must be of good quality and take account of learners’ views. It must also be affordable and reflect the skills demands of the economy.

Provision for 16-19 learning passes to councils in 2010 and the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) ceases. Under the new arrangements councils would work collaboratively with all sectors locally and with one another sub-regionally. Full implementation would be in April 2010 and the transition programme had begun.

Sub-regional groupings had been agreed by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). North Lincolnshire will be part of the North and North East Lincolnshire sub-region with North East Lincolnshire. Due to high levels of learner ‘traffic’, both areas would also have to work closely with other sub regions.

The DCSF’s next requirement was for sub-regions to develop detailed proposals for their strategic commissioning responsibilities. Proposals must be submitted to DCSF and the Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber (GOYH) by the end of February 2009. Detailed proposals for delivering the council’s strategic commissioning responsibilities were detailed in Appendix 1 attached to the report.

An urgent decision was required due to the Appendix having to be written to tight deadlines and co-ordinated between both councils, the LSC and the GOYH. It had to be submitted to the GOYH by 27 February 2009. Further papers would be submitted for decision as the process progressed.

Resolved – That the submission detailed at Appendix 1 of the report be endorsed.