Corporate Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 10 June 2008

137 (3) ESTABLISHING A NEW POST – COMMUNITY COHESION OFFICER – The Service Director Community Planning and Resources submitted a report seeking approval for the creation of the post of Community Cohesion Officer.

In July 2007, following consultations with the council and Humberside Police, Safer Neighbourhoods and the Local Strategic Partnership, Cabinet approved the adoption of a Community Cohesion Strategy (minute 674 refers). Community Cohesion was a key part of the shared ambition “everyone works together for the benefit of North Lincolnshire”.

The Stronger Communities Group, supported by the Stronger Communities Manager, was responsible for undertaking the relevant actions on community cohesion. The proposal to establish the new post was being made because at present there was no one to carry out the required work on community cohesion.

Resolved – That creation of the post of Community Cohesion Officer (grade 8) be approved.