Corporate Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 13 May 2009

269 (135) SKILLS FOR LIFE SUPPORT OFFICER – The Service Director Human Resources submitted a report seeking approval for the creation of a Skills for Life Support Officer to support the fulfilment of the Skills Pledge recently signed by the Chief Executive and the Leader of the Council.

The Leader and Chief Executive had publicly signed the Skills Pledge on behalf of the council. This set out that the council would:

Actively encourage and support our employees to gain the skills and qualifications that will support their future employability and meet the needs of our organisation.

Actively encourage and support our employees to acquire basic literacy and numeracy skills, and with government support work towards their first level 2 qualification in an area that is relevant to our organisation.

Demonstrably raise our employees’ skills and competencies to improve organisational performance through investing in economically valuable training and development.

This required a significant amount of development and implementation work and the Human Resources service did not currently have sufficient capacity to work across the council to support the requirements of the Skills Pledge. Funding had been identified to support the appointment of a Skills for Life Support Officer to fulfil this task.

Resolved – That the creation of the post of Skills for Life Support Officer, as set out in the report, be approved.