Corporate Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 2 February 2009

222 (89) MOBILE PHONE POLICY AND GUIDELINES – The Service Director Asset Management and Culture submitted an urgent report seeking approval of the adoption of a new Mobile Phones Policy and Guidelines.

The report was urgent because of the need to circulate the new policy to employees as they collected new mobile phones on 9 February 2009.

Mobile phone procedures were first produced in 2005, but were only guidelines and therefore were not formally adopted as a policy, the information was not circulated or adhered to, and various inconsistencies and financial implications occurred.

The proposed policy advised all employees of the legal implications and use of mobile phones. Due to recent changes in legislation it was the council’s responsibility to advise of all the legalities and health and safety issues around usage. A recent mobile phone audit highlighted that very little income was sourced from personal calls, the policy also advised employees of the procedure for payment of calls.

All employees and elected members of the council, which included all persons employed to work in schools with delegated powers within North Lincolnshire, subject to approval by governing bodies, had to abide by the policy.

Resolved – That the new Mobile Phone Policy and Guidelines be approved and adopted.