Corporate Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 23 April 2009

257 (123) INFORMATION MANAGEMENT POLICY – The Service Director Community, Planning and Resources submitted a report seeking approval for the adoption of the council’s Information Management Policy.

The revised Information Technology Strategy 2009-2012 was approved at Cabinet in March 2009 (minute 801 refers). The Information Management Policy originally formed park of the strategy, but it was felt that given the increasing importance of good information management within the council, the policy should be expanded and produced as a separate document.

The new policy set out the council’s responsibilities and activities in relation to information management in accordance with specified legislation and professional principles. It also set out a framework that enabled the council to manage its information efficiently and effectively.

During the revision of the policy, it was recognised that Data Protection and Freedom of Information were two key pieces of underpinning legislation. At the same time, an internal audit report into Data Protection and Freedom of Information identified issues concerning the lack of clear documented policies within the council for both acts. To address these issues, the revised Information Management Policy included sections specifically detailing the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Resolved – That the Information Management Policy be approved and adopted