Corporate Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 29 August 2008

The following items contain exempt information as defined in paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).

172 (39) ST LAWRENCE ACADEMY, DONCASTER ROAD, SCUNTHORPE – The Service Director Asset Management and Culture and the Deputy Chief Executive (Individuals) submitted a joint, urgent report seeking to consider and approve the final terms for the lease of the site and buildings of the former High Ridge Sports College to the St Lawrence Academy, Scunthorpe.

An urgent decision was required in order to enable agreements to be concluded prior to 1 September 2008, which would allow the new school to begin to function from that date.

The Corporate Services Cabinet Member approved terms of two separate 125 year leases for the site and buildings on 6 August 2008 (minute 168 refers). One lease was to cover the school and the majority of the southern playing field, the second lease was to have covered the remainder of the playing field and would have included a break clause.

The original arrangements were subject to agreement by the Diocesan authorities. This had not been approved, and the Academy requested that they be granted a single 125 year lease on the entire school site with no break clause by the council. This was consistent with the original ‘Expression of Interest’ proposal agreed to and submitted jointly by the council and Diocese of Lincoln, who were the Academy’s sponsor organisation.

The report gave full details of the proposed final arrangements of the lease.

Resolved – That the final terms of the lease, as set out in the report, be approved.

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