Corporate Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 5 May 2009

258 (124) PANDEMIC FLU POLICY – The Service Director Human Resources submitted an urgent report seeking approval for the council’s Pandemic Flu policy, which set out the council’s approach to its workforce and to employment matters in the general event of a flu pandemic.

The matter was urgent in view of the current outbreak of swine flu and the imminent possibility that it could be declared to be a pandemic.

The Pandemic Flu policy had been drafted with a view to preparing the council’s managers and workforce as far as was possible for the employment implications that could arise in the event of a flu pandemic.

The policy had been in preparation for a number of months and a wide range of officers, working groups and partner organisations had contributed to its development. It was however, recognised that this would be the only one of a number of such documents and that individual services would also have service community provisions and/or service specific flu pandemic plans.

Resolved – That the Pandemic Flu policy be approved and adopted.