Highways and Planning Cabinet Member – Minutes – 6 April 2009

52 (20) HIGHWAYS PROGRAMME OF WORKS 2009-11 – The Service Director Highways and Planning submitted a report seeking approval for the programme of works for 2009-2011, and to inform the Cabinet Member of proposed allocations of transport funding between the various themes in order to meet the objectives of the Local Transport Plan.

Transport capital expenditure was secured through the Local Transport Plan (LTP) process. The council submitted a LTP every five years and this set out transport priorities for the council.

For 2009-10 the council had allocated the full £4.907m of the LTP award, however it has indicated that £575,000 of this budget would be used as follows to cover drainage and Connect 2 costs in 2009-10. For 2010-11 the council had allocated £2.956m.

In addition to the usual LTP award the Department for Transport had announced a 20% uplift to all LTP awards for over a three year period between 2009 – 2011. Appendix 1 of the report provided a breakdown of the LTP headings that budgets had been allocated against.

Highway maintenance schemes were prioritised using nationally recognised highway condition assessment criteria within a prioritisation framework. Where appropriate, maintenance schemes also included measures to improve road safety (particularly for vulnerable road users) increase personal security, reduce crime and enhance the street scene.

The Highways service received last year, and would continue to receive for the next two years, an additional £500,000 above the government’s LTP award from the Council for Capital Street Lighting investment. As of 2009 the Service would also receive funds for capital and revenue projects outside of the LTP from the Road Safety Partnership. These funds would be approved as part of the revenue budget setting process for 2009-10.

Resolved – (a) That the programme of works for 2009-2011 be approved, and (b) that the Cabinet Member be kept informed of progress on the delivery of the programme and on the achievement of targets and indicators linked to the LTP process.