Leader of the Council – Regeneration, Marketing and Strategic Finance Cabinet Member – Minutes – 29 May 2008

38 (3) LOCAL AREA AGREEMENT FOR NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Service Director Community Planning and Resources submitted an urgent report seeking approval of the final draft of the North Lincolnshire Local Area Agreement prior to submission to the Government Office for Yorkshire and Humber.

North Lincolnshire’s second generation Local Area Agreement began on 1 April 2008. The LAA was a three year delivery plan (2008-11) for North Lincolnshire’s Sustainable Community Strategy.

The Government’s White Paper ‘Strong and Prosperous Communities’ published in October 2006 set out new guidance for Local Area Agreements from April 2008, this was summarised in the report.

The Council received a copy of Government’s National Outcome and Indicator Set. It was from this set that North Lincolnshire’s agreed indicators and targets emerged. The LSP set out its negotiating position based on the priorities that mattered to North Lincolnshire people. The LSP and Thematic Partnerships led the work to sharpen the link between LAA, shared ambitions (outcomes), performance indicators (which needed to measure impact, not processes) and funding.

The draft North Lincolnshire LAA in the Government Office format was attached to the report.

It was necessary for the Cabinet Member to approve the final draft of the LAA for submission to Government Office by the 30 May 2008 deadline.

Resolved – (a) That the final draft LAA be approved, and (b) that it be submitted to Government Office for eventual signing by Government ministers.