Housing and Strategic Planning Cabinet Member – minutes – 1 March 2010

51 (15) HUMBER HOUSING STRATEGY – The Head of Strategic Regeneration, Housing and Development submitted a report seeking endorsement of the Humber Housing Strategy prior to final approval by the Humber Economic Partnership.

The Humber Housing Partnership was formed in 2006 to co-ordinate sub regional best practice, to strategically plan and manage investment in housing in the sub region and to ensure that relevant strategies were aligned and complimentary.

The partnership included a Board, comprising the four local authorities, Gateway Pathfinder, housing association and private sector representatives, Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council and relevant regional bodies including Government Office Yorkshire and Humber, the Homes and Communities Agency, Local Government Yorkshire and Humber and Yorkshire Forward.

The reasons for developing a sub regional housing strategy were set out in the report. The strategy provided guidance to a wide range of people and organisations about what was needed to improve housing in the Humber. It was also designed to provide the context and evidence for funding proposals to a range of bodies, but in particular the Homes and Communities Agency, who would provide the major public capital funding in future years for housing and related projects.

The vision of the Humber Housing Strategy was: ‘Creating balanced housing markets in the Humber, providing people with a range of high quality, affordable housing and related support, positively contributing to sustainability and economic prosperity’.

The Strategy document was appended to the report.

Resolved – That the Humber Housing Strategy be endorsed by the Cabinet Member prior to final consideration and approval by the Humber Economic Partnership.