Adult Services and Corporate Services Cabinet Members – minutes – 4 January 2010

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2 (2) ADULT SOCIAL SERVICES RESTRUCTURE – The Service Director Adult Social Care submitted a report seeking approval for the final operational stage of the review through the ‘Fit for the Future’ project.

Adult Social Services were facing many challenges; greater demand and higher expectations from service users and carers, and government directives to transform the way that they engaged with service users and deliver services. Two years ago the service mapped out the implications for North Lincolnshire and launched a major change project called ‘Fit for the Future’.

The preliminary work showed that that current structure of the service had served the council well and delivered a well recognised, quality service to vulnerable adults in North Lincolnshire. However, the service required fundamental changes to meet the forthcoming challenges. In order to set the foundation for change a review of senior and middle management was completed in April 2008.

Following completion of this stage, work commenced on the first line management phase of the review in late 2008, with completion in July 2009. The final operational phase commenced in September 2009, with a projected completion date of April 2010. Staff had been involved in the review and had used their knowledge and experience to help shape the future structure.

Full details of the restructure, including financial implications, were set out in the report and accompanying appendices.

Resolved – That the proposals detailed in the report be approved.

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