Adult Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 16 September 2009

43 (3) ANNUAL REPORT ON FORMAL COMPLAINTS – The Service Director Adult Social Care submitted a report presenting the annual report on formal complaints received by Adult Social Services in 2008/09.

The complaints procedure that applied to Adult Services was governed by the NHS Community Care Act 1990 and guidance laid down by the Department of Health (DOH). The Local Authority Social Services Complaints (England) Regulations 2006 further amended the procedure, and guidance to the procedure produced by the Department of Health came into effect on 1 September 2006.

Following a pilot (of which the council was a participant), the DOH introduced a new single complaints procedure covering health and social care services on 1 April 2009, known as ‘Making Experiences Count’.

The annual report was compiled in accordance with this legislation and guidance. It outlined complaints made and key actions taken by the services in response to them. It also contained information about the operation of the procedure over the year.

Resolved – (a) That the Annual Report on complaints for 2008/2009 be received, and (b) that the actions that had been taken, both to resolve complaints and learn from them, be endorsed.

44 (4) NEW TYPE OF WORKER – REHABILITATION AND REABLEMENT SERVICE – The Service Director Adult Social Care submitted a report seeking endorsement of the joint workforce development project within the reablement services, joining staff and partners when necessary to discuss and move the project forward.

The government published the white paper “Our health, our care, our say”, which promoted realigning and integrating workforce, systems and services to ensure the care and support people received enabled them to make the most of their lives

The new type of worker project began in April 2009 and was due to finish in March 2012. The project leader had been asked to research elements of health roles and the roles of the staff within the reablement services, which comprised, Community Support team, Intermediate Care and the two residential units. The provider services for NHS North Lincolnshire included physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, dietetics, speech and language and nursing.

The project would support the vision of integration by seeking to combine tasks completed by similar level health staff with the roles of adult social services staff and visa versa ensuring the customer received the best service from all. The project would also ensure joint integrated working with North Lincolnshire NHS and would benefit the residents of North Lincolnshire. It would also support the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA), which would look at how adult social care was meeting people’s needs and choices.

Resolved – (a) That the work being undertaken across the service be endorsed, and (b) that the Cabinet Member continues to be informed of the progress of the project.