Children’s Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 11 March 2010

147 (29) OFSTED INSPECTIONS – The Service Director Children and Young People’s Service submitted a report on the outcome of Ofsted inspections at North Axholme School, Messingham Primary School and Leys Farm Junior School.

The schools had been inspected under the Section 5 Ofsted inspection schedule for schools. Full copies of the report had been placed in the political group offices.

Resolved – (a) That approval be given to continue supporting improvements in the schools inspected above, and (b) that the Cabinet Member writes to the schools and makes suitable comments on the reports.

148 (30) APPOINTMENT OF GOVERNORS – The Service Director Children and Young People’s Service submitted a report considering the appointment of additional governors to Winterton Comprehensive School with Specialist Status in Engineering governing body.

Following an Ofsted inspection, Winterton Comprehensive School with Specialist Status in Engineering was deemed a school in special measures. It was proposed that two additional governors be appointed to the governing body. Such persons would help to support the current governing body in securing the quality of education for the children. The two additional governors had been identified as suitable and experienced to assist in bringing about rapid improvement to the school.

Resolved – That the following persons be appointed as LEA School Governors on the Winterton Comprehensive School with Specialist Status in Engineering governing body, subject to the relevant CRB checks:

Mr D Lea
Mr K Francis

149 (31) APPOINTMENT OF EDUCATION APPEALS PANEL MEMBER – The Service Director Legal and Democratic submitted a report seeking approval to appoint an independent member to the Education Appeals Panel to hear appeals in respect of school admissions, exclusions and reinstatements.

Parents were entitled to express a preference for the school they would like their child to attend. Parents could appeal to an independent Panel if they were refused a place they wanted or were dissatisfied with the place offered by the Local Education Authority.

Parents could also appeal against any decision of the governing body under regulation 5 of The Education (Pupil Exclusions and Appeals) (Maintained Schools) (England) Regulations 2002 not to reinstate a pupil who had been permanently excluded from a school maintained by the council.

Councils responsible for making arrangements for appeals had to advertise for lay members under regulations made by the Secretary of State (The Education (Lay Members of Appeals Committees) Regulations 1994) and had to consider appointing to appeal panels persons who responded to such advertisements.

Following an advertisement in the council’s Direct magazine the Cabinet Member formally appointed three new members in January 2009 (minute 95 refers). Two other ad hoc appointments were made during 2009, and subsequently a further application had been received.

Resolved – That approval be given to appoint the following applicant with a view to the new member receiving training and being gradually introduced onto panels as outlined in paragraph 3.4 of the report:

Michael Lewis

150 (32) YOUTH SERVICE GRANTS TO THE VOLUNTARY SECTOR – The Service Director Children and Young People submitted a report seeking approval for delegation of decisions regarding Youth Service Grants to the voluntary sector, and terms of reference and proposed systems for management of the grants.

The Youth Service budget had an allocation to support voluntary youth groups in the delivery of youth work by helping to meet their operational costs. There were six elements to the grant for which groups registered with the Youth Service could apply.

  • Salaries
  • Maintenance
  • Initial (Start Up)
  • Equipment
  • Coach/Minibus
  • Training

Groups were invited to make application via articles in the Youth Lincs Newsletter. Applications for maintenance grants had to be submitted by 31 May 2009. Requests for financial assistance had to be supported by audited accounts. The level of grant aid was fixed annually and applications approved via reports to the Children’s Services Cabinet Member.

It was proposed that a Funding Panel be set up comprising representatives from voluntary sector youth groups, young people and the council in order that the decisions regarding grant applications be delegated to them. This had the potential to increase the engagement of the voluntary sector in delivering positive activities with young people in North Lincolnshire.

Resolved – (a) That the terms of reference and grants criteria of the Voluntary Sector Funding Panel be approved, and (b) that the decision to approve grants be taken to the Children’s Services Cabinet Member for ratification.