Corporate Services and Children’s Services Cabinet Members – Minutes – 13 April 2010

The following item contains exempt information as defined in paragraphs and 1 and 2 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).

4 (4) THE STRUCTURE AND MANAGEMENT OF THE BUILDING SCHOOLS FOR THE FUTURE (BSF) PROJECT – The Chief Executive submitted an urgent report seeking approval for the structure and management of the BSF project.

The BSF project was a national programme to raise standards in secondary schools. The Government had allocated £88.8 million to North Lincolnshire to transform teaching and learning in Scunthorpe schools in the first phase of our programme.

Following financial close in 2009, the building of Melior and Brumby secondary schools had begun. The next two schools, Foxhills and St Lawrence Academy had engaged with designers with a view to commencing the building phase in 2010/2011. In addition, during 2010/2011, the final three Scunthorpe schools, Frederick Gough, St Bede’s and St Hugh’s would engage with designers. 2010/2011 and the early part of 2011/2012 would therefore see maximum activity of the Scunthorpe phase of BSF.

To be able to oversee and manage the processes from 2010 onwards required additional capacity within the team and this had been planned for and budget allocated. This action was required as a condition of the Final Business Case (FBC) approved by Cabinet in June 2009. The council had made a commitment to Partnership for Schools (PfS).

Due to the required additional capacity and internal changes within the BSF team it was necessary to realign the management of the project, and redesignate and regrade the Project Director’s post as described in the report.

Further details were set out in the report and its appendices.

Resolved – (a) That the Cabinet Members endorse the enhancement of the BSF team, and (b) that the Cabinet Members agree the redesignation and regrading of the BSF Project Director’s post to create a Grade 5 BSF Programme Director.

Where there is no report this is because it is exempt, as it contains information which is considered to be of a confidential nature, as detailed in the Local Government (Access to Information) Act.