Neighbourhood, Environmental and Communities Cabinet Member – Minutes – 14 April 2010

89 (23) WASTE CONTRACTS PROJECT – SELECTION OF BIDDERS TO PROGRESS TO FINAL TENDER STAGE – The Service Director Neighbourhood and Environment submitted a report seeking approval to confirm those bidders to receive the invitation to submit final tenders upon recommendation of the project director following approval of the Waste Contracts Project Board.

The council began the project with a contract notice to the European Union and local media on 19 March 2009. The residual waste was advertised as Lot 1 and the organic waste as Lot 2.

Thirteen organisations passed pre-qualification. Five submitted outline proposals (ISOS) for Lot 1 and seven for Lot 2. Four were invited to submit detailed proposals for each lot (ISDS). Four organisations submitted five bids for Lot 1 and three organisations submitted six bids for Lot 2.

The ISDS documentation was published to bidders and ISDS bids were submitted on 1 March 2010. The submission and evaluation of the bids was conducted in accordance with the ISDS documentation and the contract procedure rules for the project.

The volume of documentation submitted for the bids and the process of seeking clarifications from bidders has meant that completion of the evaluation for Lot 2 had not been possible by the deadline in the approved project timetable. The Waste Contracts Project Board had given approval to additional time being allowed for the evaluation of Lot 2 and an update on progress was to be reported to a future meeting of the board.

The project director produced a report on the outcome of the evaluation for Lot 1. This was considered by the board at its meeting on 24 March 2010. The board endorsed the outcome of the evaluation and approved the recommendation as to which bidders to take forward to the final tender stage.

The council strategy agreed at Cabinet on 11 March 2009 (minute 796 refers) was to invite a minimum of two bidders for each lot to submit final tenders. At least two bidders, not bids, were required to ensure competition. As Waste Recycling Group Ltd (WRG) submitted two bids, which scored highly along with North Lincs Green Energy’s (NLGE) single bid, WRG would progress to the final tender stage along with NLGE. The council would hold dialogue with WRG during the final tender stage to agree which of its two bids should be developed further.

Resolved – That the cabinet member approve the recommendation of the project director, as endorsed by the Waste Contracts Project Board, that WRG and NLGE be invited to submit final tenders for Lot 1 of the Waste Contracts Procurement Project.