Highways and Planning Cabinet Member – minutes – 11 March 2010

The decision on the following item was taken by the Leader of the Council as the Cabinet Member for Highways and Planning had declared a Personal and Prejudicial interest.

81 (25) TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER – HIGHFIELD AVENUE, CLIFF GARDENS AND AVENUE VIVIAN, SCUNTHORPE – The Service Director Highways and Planning submitted a report seeking approval for the introduction of a Traffic Order with various restrictions, on Highfield Avenue, Cliff Gardens and Avenue Vivian, Scunthorpe.

Numerous complaints had been received by the traffic team relating to inconsiderate parking of vehicles causing obstruction to vehicles using the area and preventing the free flow of vehicles including those used by the emergency services.

Residents on Highfield Avenue had complained to the council and Humberside Police about vehicles parking inconsiderately resulting in driveways being blocked and access to properties prevented. The proposed restrictions would reduce such incidents and allow enforcement of any offenders.

Bus operators had also requested and support the implementation of the proposed order to assist their punctuality and service levels.

If “limited no waiting / no loading” was introduced around hospital visiting times, instead of “no waiting / loading at any time”, there would still be a potential road safety hazard for vehicles negotiating the junction at times when restrictions do not apply.

The proposed detail would prevent the parking of vehicles displaying a disabled badge, which were able currently to park on the “no waiting at any time” restriction and effectively block the road to large vehicles causing unnecessary obstructions and congestion.

Statutory consultation procedures had been followed and letters delivered to every property within the area of the order. During the consultation period one objection was received from a local resident.

Resolved – (a) That approval be given for the Traffic Regulation Order for the proposed restriction, as shown on the plans appended to the report, and (b) the objector be written to with the results of the decision in accordance with the statutory procedure.