Highways and Planning Cabinet Member – Minutes – 2 December 2009

The decision on the following item was taken by the Leader of the Council as the Cabinet Member for Highways and Planning had declared a Personal and Prejudicial interest.

74 (18) RESIDENTS’ PARKING SCHEME TRIAL – BRIGG – The Service Director Highways and Planning submitted a report seeking approval to carry out a trial Residents’ Parking scheme in Brigg.

Since its formation, in 1996, the council had not had in place a residents’ parking policy. Requests for residents’ parking schemes had not been progressed, due to the potential difficulties administering and enforcing such schemes. In many residential areas, alternative measures have been introduced, to address residents’ parking problems.

The council was scheduled to take over responsibility, from Humberside Police, for the enforcement of on-street parking in February 2010. This could provide the opportunity to introduce a residents’ parking scheme. A trial would provide useful information, which would aid longer-term decision-making about residents’ parking scheme policy.

The Queen Street Action Group (QUAG) in Brigg had provided a list of priority roads, it felt should be included in the trial. The priority roads recommended for inclusion in the trial were listed in the appendix to the report and also highlighted on the attached plan. Bridge Street was not recommended for inclusion in the trial.

A meeting with Brigg Town Council would take place prior to trial implementation, in order to agree final details. This preparatory process should also include consultation with QUAG, local businesses and other stakeholders, as appropriate.

Resolved – (a) That approval be given, in principle, for a trial residents’ parking scheme in Brigg, covering an area based on the priority roads provided by QUAG, but excluding Bridge Street, (b) that, prior to the implementation of the trial, a meeting with Brigg Town Council take place, to agree final details, (c) that consultation take place with local businesses, (d) that the trial be cost-neutral, and (e) that a further report on the impact of the trial be presented to the Cabinet Member when the trial has been in place for one year.