Sport, Leisure and Culture Cabinet Member – Minutes – 18 June 2009

61 (1) ART AND ART DEVELOPMENT GRANTS – The Service Director Asset Management and Culture submitted a report for consideration of an application for funding from the Waterside Artists’ Co-operative.

The Waterside Artists’ Co-operative was the voluntary sector group that managed the Ropewalk Contemporary Art and Craft in Barton-upon-Humber.

The Ropewalk Contemporary Art and Craft comprised two galleries, a craft shop and twelve artist studios and was crucial to the opportunities that artists had in being able to work in North Lincolnshire. The Ropewalk offered subsidised studio rents as well as opportunities to exhibit and to deliver education workshops to schools and other groups.

Ropewalk Contemporary Art and Craft was one of two Art Council Regional Funded Organisations (RFO) in North Lincolnshire. An RFO had a three-year funding agreement with the Arts Council. In January 2008 the Arts Council agreed to increase the Ropewalk’s funding from £20,000 to £40,000 per year as part of their Regional Funded Organisation Review. This uplift in funding was on condition that North Lincolnshire Council would also continue to support the Ropewalk.

Resolved – That approval be given to offer £5,000 in support to Waterside Artists’ Co-operative.