Sport, Leisure and Culture Cabinet Member – Minutes – 24 March 2010


80 (20) LEISURE SERVICES FEES AND CHARGES 2010/11 – The Service Director Asset Management and Culture submitted a report seeking approval for the fees and charges in leisure services venues for 2010-11.

Fees for Normanby admission tickets and the Plowright Theatre had been agreed previously by the Cabinet Member (minutes 71 and 73 respectively refer). The remaining fees and charges needed approving to allow them to come into effect in April 2010.

The proposed charges attached as appendices to the report reflected the budget that was approved by council on 24 February 2010 (minute 1830 refers), including a 2.5 per cent increase on income targets.

In some cases it was proposed to restructure rather than increase the fees, and achieve the income target through additional usage rather than additional cost to the customer. There were a number of new charges to reflect new services.

A further new set of charges was being proposed for commercial use of images of objects from the museum collections.

Resolved – That the proposed fees and charges for leisure services as set out in the appendices to the report be approved.

81 (21) RECENT ACQUISITIONS TO THE MUSEUMS COLLECTIONS -the Service Director Asset Management and Culture submitted a report to advise the Cabinet Member of additions to the museum collections over the previous year (January – December 2009), in line with recommended good practice.

The Museums Libraries and Archives (MLA) accreditation scheme recommended that acquisitions to museum collections should be reported annually to the museum service’s governing body, in this case North Lincolnshire Council.

In line with this good practice the report listed the numbers of new acquisitions and the most significant objects and collections added to the North Lincolnshire museum service collections. The objects were collected to help tell the story of the area and enable local people to develop a sense of place and pride in the rich heritage of North Lincolnshire.

The report would form part of the annual accreditation return to the MLA.

Resolved – (a) That the report be noted and (b) that the report form part of the annual accreditation return to MLA in the autumn of 2010.