Adult Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 11 October 2010

64 (7) PROGRESS OF THE PERSONALISATION PROJECT – The Service Director Adult Social Services submitted a report which set out the progress of the Personalisation Project from March 2010 to September 2010. It outlined the work of the project, highlighted the achievements to date and summarised the work to be completed in the remainder of the year.

This report followed on from five key reports presented to the cabinet member in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Each of these reports highlighted the needs for Adult Social Services to transform the ways in which adults whom were eligible, received social services.

Fundamental to the transformation required in Adult Social Services was the need to move from placing people in services that best suited their needs, to a system of support that designed bespoke services around the person in line with their aspirations and choices. This move from a service led approach to a person led approach was called ‘personalisation’.

The personalisation of Adult Social Services was a national requirement and was underpinned by national performance indicators. Progress was scrutinised by the Department of Health and the Care Quality Commission. It involved setting up a system of self-directed support that included establishing a process of support planning that lead to personal budgets being issued. Personal budgets would enable people to purchase support services of their choice which they would be in control of.

The report confirmed that as at 31 March 2010, 15.4% of all people receiving a service from Adult Social Services in North Lincolnshire did so by way of a personal budget. This was above the national target of 15% and was one of the highest in the Yorkshire and Humber Region. The current figure was 18%, which put North Lincolnshire on the way of achieving the national target of 30% by 31 March 2011.

Resolved – That the progress of the Personalisation Project and the achievements made to date be noted and endorsed.

65 (8) GATHERING SERVICE USER EXPERIENCES – The Service Director Adult Social Services submitted a report which requested support for the development of the “In the Pink” quality and performance framework and for the cabinet member to receive further updates when a suitable academic partner was found.

Traditional assessment, services and performance management concentrated on service availability, delivery, and compliance to standards. The standards of care that were achieved through this model were good but rarely achieved a complete set of good outcomes for the vulnerable person.

The national adult social services personalisation agenda changed the position of the vulnerable person from the person to whom we would give services, to the person who would control and direct how their needs were met and outcomes achieved.

To measure the council’s performance against the new agenda and to ensure continued development of the care and support networks to deliver the outcomes, a new quality and performance framework was required. National work on the measurement of outcomes was scarce and generally not developed enough to meet North Lincolnshire Council’s aspirations, so a local system was developed (and given a working title of “In the Pink”).

NHS North Lincolnshire was aware of “In the Pink”, and it had been suggested that the council and the PCT utilise the same systems of quality and performance assurance to facilitate closer more effective working arrangements. York University had been approached to provide an academic view of “In the Pink” and suggest further advancements. This was still in the initial discussion stage. In addition legal advice had been sought on how North Lincolnshire Council could ensure that the council received credit should the work be utilised by other organisations.

Resolved – (a) That the development of the “In the Pink” quality and performance framework be supported, and (b) that further updates be provided to the Cabinet Member when a suitable academic partner is found.

66 (9) TELECARE/TELEHEALTH CARE STRATEGY INFORMATION – The Service Director Adult Social Services submitted a report to inform the cabinet member of the Telecare Project and the development of the Telecare/telehealth strategy, and seek endorsement of the strategy and its implementation.

The focus of the project had been the development of a joint strategy with North Lincolnshire Adult Social Services & NHS North Lincolnshire to commission telecare/ telehealth care equipment for the residents of North Lincolnshire. The strategy outlined the integration of telecare/telehealth into community care, management and education. This would contribute to achieving a joint vision of providing care closer to home in a preventative and anticipatory manner for the people of North Lincolnshire.

Telecare/Telehealth was identified as a growth area which potentially offered significant cost savings, enabling older people to remain living safely at home for longer, giving them and their carers peace of mind and helping people to feel more independent. Although, most people had heard of pendant alarms, telecare/telehealth equipment could monitor vital signs (telemedicine), prevent accidents in the home, and reduce older people’s sense of isolation and loneliness.

Resolved – That the Strategy and its implementation be endorsed.

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