Adult Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 4 November 2010

67 (10) SERVICE USER CHARGING SYSTEM UPDATE – The Service Director Adult Social Services submitted a report which provided an update on the operation of the revised service user charging system for self directed support approved by the Cabinet Member in April 2010.

The proposals approved in April 2010 were designed to unify the rules so that service users were asked to make a contribution based on their ability to pay and the monetary value of the care and support needed. For those living in the community, the council’s Fairer Charging policy set out the principles that applied to the assessment of a person’s contribution to their care. It was based on determining their means, which was their overall income minus various disregards.

Government guidance indicated that the council was required to undertake a technical review of its means test in relation to the Fairer Charging policy in consultation with stakeholders and service users. It was proposed that this would take place over the remainder of the financial year with the outcomes being presented as a separate report in early 2011.

Resolved – (a) That the progress outlined within the report be noted, (b) that the proposed actions outlined in section 4 of the report be approved, and (c) that an annual review report be received in March 2011.