Highways, Planning & Energy Cabinet Member – Minutes – 30 December 2010

107 (14) NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE COUNCIL – RUN BUS SERVICE – The Service Director Highways and Planning submitted a report to determine the future of three local bus services which the council operated.

The report outlined the recommendation that a contract for Barton Villager should be awarded to a commercial operator. It proposed that the Council should retain the Wold’s Villager in the short term but with a reduced timetable and that there should be further consultation on the future of the Isle Shopper service.Funding in future years was uncertain but these arrangements would make the best use of the money available.

These services were popular with their users.They provided transport for everyday shopping, personal business and trips to the doctors, with a high proportion of the users being over 60 and people with disabilities.

It was becoming difficult to run the services reliably because most of the vehicles available were ageing. Because of this, the council had needed to hire in an extra bus for the last two years. The report highlighted that it could also be difficult to cover absences from the small pool of employees.

Due to the issues outlined within the report the council had invited tenders from commercial bus companies to run the Barton Villager and Wolds Villager services.

Parish and town councils had been consulted about the future of both services.Barton Town Council and Barrow Parish Council supported the continuation of the Barton Villager service.Wrawby Parish Council supported the continuation of the Wolds Villager. Barnetby Parish Council wished the council to retain the Saturday service and weekday early and late journeys.

Consultation had taken place with the GMB, Unison and the staff involved. They had no objections to the proposals.

Resolved – (a) That a contract be awarded to Stagecoach East Midlands for the operation of the Barton Villager service from 31 January 2011, (b) that no contract be awarded for the operation of the Wolds Villager, (c) that the council continue to run the Wolds Villager service but with a reduced timetable from 31 January 2011, (d) that the appropriate officers examine further options for the Wolds Villager service, and (e) that appropriate officers consult on the possible withdrawal of the Isle Shopper Service and prepare a further report for consideration.

108 (5) CCTV CONTROL CENTRE EXTENSION – KING STREET REAR OF FLATS CAR PARK – The Service Director Highways and Planning submitted a report seeking approval to utilise part of the King Street rear of flats car park for the extension of the CCTV Control Centre.

The council’s CCTV control centre had taken over a number of functions and staff from North Lincolnshire Homes. The establishment had been increased by five staff, funded from external income, who would deal with all elements of the warden call service and independent alarms.A small single room extension was proposed to accommodate the additional staff, as well as an increase to the enclosed area around the centre. This was to ensure safety of staff at shift changeovers on a 24/7 basis, and ensure the safety of their vehicles.

In order to accommodate the proposed changes, part of the adjacent 52 space car park would be required, resulting in the loss of approximately 12 spaces.

Resolved – That subject to statutory advertising and associated consultation, the utilisation of part of the King Street Rear of Flats Car Park, to accommodate the extension of the CCTV Control Centre be approved.

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