Sport, Leisure and Culture Cabinet Member – Minutes – 18 October 2010

2 (2) GOXHILL LIBRARY – The Service Director Community, Planning and Resources submitted a report to determine the future operation of Goxhill library as a community-run library from 1 April 2011.

The report explained that a review of North Lincolnshire’s library network recommended that the smaller branch libraries be considered for alternative service delivery models, which would offer better value for money and sustainability.

Goxhill Library had been reviewed in that context, including consultation with the parish council and with service users. This had shown a clear local preference for the static library to be retained rather than be replaced by a mobile service.

Taking those views into account, Goxhill Parish Council had agreed in principle to take over from North Lincolnshire Council the day to day running of the library at its current site, thereby transforming the library into the community-run model.

The defining factor in the community-run model, was that the local community – or some body on behalf of the local community – took responsibility for all or most of the day to day running of the library facility. This would include determining opening hours, deciding on the range of library materials to be available, providing the library premises, and ensuring that the library was adequately staffed, which might involve volunteers.

A consultation exercise had been carried out with service users to ascertain their views and preferences and there had been direct engagement with Goxhill Parish Council. In addition the council had received a petition organised by Goxhill Women’s Institute and signed by 122 people to retain the library in its present form.

The parish council had actively participated in the review and was committed to supporting the best possible outcome for the community. The parish council was firmly of the view that the library at its current site was very much at the heart of the Goxhill community. It had agreed to work in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council with a view to assuming the day to day running of Goxhill Library, as a community-run library, from 1 April 2011.

The report proposed that a service level agreement be developed between North Lincolnshire Council and Goxhill Parish Council to put the new model in place from 1 April 2011.

Resolved – (a) That the setting up of Goxhill Library on the community-run model be approved, (b) that the development of a long-term service level agreement with Goxhill Parish Council to clarify and regularise the new arrangements be approved, and (c) that council officers be authorised to prepare for Goxhill Parish Council to take over the day to day operation of the library on 1 April 2011.