Adult and Children’s Service Cabinet Member – minutes – 14 September 2011

18 (18) APPOINTMENT OF AUTHORITY SCHOOL GOVERNORS – The Service Director of Children and Young People’s Service submitted a report seeking approval of the appointment of Authority School Governors. 

Resolved – That the following persons be appointed as Authority School Governors on the schools listed, subject to the relevant CRB checks:     

  • Bottesford Infant – Mr C Bulman
  • Bottesford Infant – Mrs C Thornally
  • Bottesford Infant – Mr R Smith
  • Crowle Primary – Mr A Singleton
  • Crosby Primary – Mrs T Sawyer
  • Enderby Road Infant – Mrs Y Eggitt
  • Epworth Primary – Cllr E Redfern
  • Goxhill Primary – Mrs J Sharratt
  • Kirton Lindsey Primary – Mrs E O’Brien
  • Lincoln Gardens Primary – Mrs C Ladlow
  • St Hugh’s College – Mr R Bareham


19 (19) ANNUAL REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT REVIEWING OFFICERS SERVICE FOR LOOKED AFTER CHILDREN 2010-2011 – The Director of Children and Young People’s Service submitted a report seeking approval for the annual report of the Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO) service for Looked After Children from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011. 

The Government published new regulations and statutory guidance to improve the quality and consistency of care planning, placement and case review for looked after children in March 2010. This followed the Children and Young Persons Act 2008 and the prior Care Matters agenda. These regulations and guidance, accompanying this new Act, had become the Government’s implementation plan by the Department for Education to see through a revision programme for looked after children. 

The IRO Handbook was one of a suite of new regulations and statutory guidance, which was implemented on 1 April 2011. The IRO Handbook provided guidance to IROs about how they should discharge their distinct responsibilities to looked after children. It also provided guidance to councils on their strategic and managerial responsibilities in establishing an effective IRO service. 

The handbook stated that the IRO manager should be responsible for the production of an annual report for the scrutiny of the members of the corporate parenting board. In addition the handbook specified a further six areas that the report should cover and these were outlined in the full report. 

Resolved – That the Independent Reviewing Officers Service Annual Report 2010/11 be approved. 

20 (20) OFSTED INSPECTION OF A NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE CHILDREN’S HOME – The Director of Children and Young People’s Service submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of the outcomes of the recent Ofsted inspection of Home A, a Short Break Children’s Home.

All Children’s Homes were subject to annual inspections carried out by Ofsted inspectors. Each home had two inspections per year. Inspections were carried out under the statutory responsibilities given by the Care Standards Act 2000, and against the Outcomes for Children set within the Children Act 2004 and the National Minimum Standards for Children’s Homes.

Inspectors gathered evidence from a variety of sources, including a range of relevant professionals, children and staff within the homes and through the scrutiny of relevant documentation.

The inspection reports gave a graded judgement on the overall effectiveness of the provision, outcomes for children and young people, the quality of care, the safeguarding of children and young people, leadership and management and quality and diversity.

The report gave full details of the outcomes the inspection.

Resolved – That the outcomes of the inspection of Home A be welcomed.