Adult and Children’s Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 2 August 2011

 10 (10) RESULT OF THE PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON THE FUTURE OF THE LILACS RESOURCE CENTRE AND THE OPTIONS FOR SERVICE USERS -The Director of Adult Social Services submitted a report providing details of the result from the public consultation on the future of The Lilacs Resource Centre and options for Service Users.

The Lilacs Resource Centre was a 30 bedded unit, 12 of the beds were jointly commissioned with the primary care trust for Intermediate Care, and there was one long-term resident. There was also an additional seven bedrooms at The Lilacs which were not fit for purpose as they required underground pipes and heating work. There has not been the need to carry out the work as these rooms were surplus to requirement.

A public consultation had been held to put this issue to the public in order to assist the Cabinet Member in making the decision about the future of The Lilacs Resource Centre and how the savings could be achieved. The outcome of the consultation and details of a petition that had been submitted were provided within the report.

Resolved – (a) That the outcome of the public consultation on the future of The Lilacs Resource centre and options for Service Users be noted, and (b) that North Lincolnshire Council adopts option 3, that The Lilacs Resource Centre remain open, whilst exploring a range of options to enable this to happen without impacting on services for vulnerable people, and to make the site sustainable for the longer term.