Adult and Children’s Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 20 September 2011

24 (24) RIDDINGS INFANTS AND RIDDINGS JUNIOR AMALGAMATION – The Director of Children and Young People’s Service submitted an urgent report seeking approval to implement the amalgamation proposal following a Public Notice confirming the council’s intention to merge Riddings Infant School and Riddings Junior School to create a single primary school.

On 24 February 2011 approval was granted for a public consultation to be undertaken regarding the council’s proposal to merge Riddings Infant School and Riddings Junior School to create a through primary school. The consultation ran from 20 May 2011 to 1 July 2011 and the feedback identified significant support for the creation of a single primary school. 

Following the consultation, a Public Notice was issued which formally confirmed the council’s intention to create a through primary school. The Public Notice was published on 5 August 2011, with a deadline for any feedback by 15 September 2011. This was the final opportunity for anyone to express objections or concerns. 

As the Public Notice period had now expired, the council was required to decide whether the proposal should be implemented or refused. The decision was urgent in order to meet the timescales set out in the statutory notice. 

Resolved – (a) That the proposals outlined in the Public Notice to amalgamate Riddings Infant and Junior Schools and establish a single primary school be approved, and (b) that the schools become a primary school on 23 September 2011, subject to confirmation that no appeals have been lodged.