Adult and Children’s Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 24 November 2011

40 (40) PROCEDURE FOR THE SELECTION AND APPOINTMENT OF AUTHORITY GOVERNORS – The Director of Children and Young People’s Services submitted a report seeking the Cabinet Member’s approval for a new selection and appointment process for authority governors. 

Authority governors were appointed by the Adult and Children’s Services Cabinet Member.  A standard application form was used currently, which allowed prospective governors to state the reasons why they would like to be a governor and what relevant skills and experience they had. 

Authority governors were expected to play a key role regarding school improvement. There was an expectation that they had an awareness and understanding of council ambitions and policies which would enable them to be appropriately informed when debating the priorities at school level.  As such appropriate processes needed to be in place to ensure that appointments were undertaken in a way that best met the needs of North Lincolnshire’s schools. 

In order to attract and appoint the best available authority governors, new documentation had been drafted which improved the selection and appointment procedure.  The revised process was based on two principal documents which supported the authority governor recruitment and selection process.  These documents were:

  • “Guidance for Authority Governors”, and
  •  A revised application form which provides more scope for applicants to explain why they would be suited to become an authority governor.


Resolved – That the new selection and appointment process for authority governors be approved.