Asset and Estate Management, Sport, Leisure and Culture and Adult and Children’s Services Cabinet Members – Minutes – 1 May 2012

 1 (1) COMMUNITY GRANT FUND – The Director of Infrastructure Services and the Director of Children and Young People’s Service submitted a joint urgent report seeking approval of the new criteria which would be used to guide the allocation of the new Community Grant Fund.

The council recognised the important role that community groups played in making North Lincolnshire an excellent place to work, live and play.  The council also wished to support talented individuals to become the very best that they could in their chosen activity.  The council had increased the funds available to support community groups and talented individuals.  In return, recipients of grant funding would have to help to deliver key priorities for the area.

New criteria had been developed to guide applicants and assess applications.  The criteria were set out at Appendix 1 to the report.

The item was urgent as once the criteria had been approved, communities would then be able to gain access to the funding.

Resolved – That the new criteria for the Community Grant Fund be approved.