Corporate and Community Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 21 February 2012

1  (1)  SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY AND GUIDANCE – The  Director of Corporate and Community Services and Director of Infrastructure Services submitted a report seeking to approve, adopt and promote the Social Media Policy and Guidance, which was attached as an appendix to the report.

The council was committed to making the best use of all available technology and innovation to improve how it conducted business, and it was considered that Social media tools would enable the council to deliver modern effective public services through workforce transformation.

The council’s Corporate Scrutiny Panel had investigated the use of social media and a key recommendation of this work was to implement a flexible policy to take it forward.  In order to gain the most from this communication channel it was necessary to embed a Social Media Policy with guidance, outlining;

  • The potential of using social media technologies
  • Conduct and personal use of social media
  • Guidance on how to get started with social media

The speed and fluidity with which social media was growing made it difficult for the council to adopt a policy that remained relevant, and it was proposed that the social media policy be reviewed every six months to meet both current and future customer needs and expectations. The expected result of this ongoing review was a single Digital Policy combining updated Internet, Email and Mobile Phone Policies.

Resolved – (a) That the Social Media Policy and Guidance be approved and adopted; (b) that the policy be subject to continuous review to ensure it remains fit for purpose, and (c) that the policy be combined with the three supporting policies to form a single Digital Policy during 2012.

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