Corporate & Community Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 25 April 2012

24      (24)  VOLUNTARY AND COMMUNITY SECTOR (VCS) FUNDING REVIEW – The Director of Corporate and Community Services submitted a report to inform on the progress made on the review of the current funding arrangements to the VCS and the outcome of the attendant consultation exercise on such matters.

A consultation exercise was undertaken with the five groups that received funding from the Council to determine the appropriate revised funding model.  As part of the consultation exercise, the Head of Stronger Communities met with each of the groups concerned to discuss the reasons why a review of the current arrangements had been commissioned.   It was explained that following an examination of other models at both local and national government levels, a revised model of allocation was proposed based upon the appointment of a custodian organisation/s to administer the distribution of two funding streams covering infrastructure and delivery support.

It was acknowledged by the groups that a more collaborative approach between the respective groups, and the sector generally was required.  The need to move towards a more open and transparent process was recognised, and it was considered this would provide other organisations with an opportunity to bid for funding and encourage the sector to work collaboratively to eradicate duplication of resources and service delivery.

Resolved – (a)  That the outcome of the consultation exercise with the VCS be noted; (b) that the implementation of revised VCS funding arrangements based on the ‘custodian model’ to administer the distribution of two funding streams covering Infrastructure and Delivery pursuant to Option1 (as detailed within the report) be approved; (c)  that appendix 3 to report be  approved as a way of allowing the Council to measure the impact of its investment in the VCS and focus resources in a way that eradicate duplication of service and allow for a more appropriate use of council owned properties; (d)  that the Cabinet Member works with Officers to procure, in accordance with established policies, the appointment of suitable custodian organisation/s based on the specification in Appendix 3 to the report, and (e)  that the Cabinet Member receives further reports on the progress of the matters detailed herein as appropriate