Asset and Estate Management, Sport, Leisure and Culture Cabinet Member – minutes – 27 March 2012

53 (53) WATERS’ EDGE BUSINESS AND VISITOR CENTRE ROOM CHARGES – The Director of Infrastructure Services submitted an urgent report seeking approval of the new pricing structure for the meeting and education room facilities at Waters’ Edge Visitor Centre.

Waters’ Edge Business and Visitor Centre had one conference room and an Education Room, both were available for meetings and courses.

The ground floor Lakeside Education Room was currently under used.  Schools visited but spent time out in the park and only used the room to eat their lunch in.  Work was taking place with colleagues at Normanby Hall to improve offers for schools.

Both rooms were used for courses, craft fairs and events during the year.  The events were popular with visitors but did not generate significant income.

Barton had plenty of business meeting rooms so in order to attract custom; prices for the hire of the rooms at Waters’ Edge Visitor Centre had to be competitive.  The proposed charges and discount rates were set out in appendix one to the report.

The item was urgent as the pricing structure needed to be in place by 31 March 2012 in order to comply with audit requirements.

Resolved – That new pricing structure, as set out in appendix one to the report, be approved with immediate effect.