Deputy Leader – Asset & Estate Management, Sport, Leisure & Culture Cabinet Member – minutes – 31 January 2012

40 (40) LEISURE GRANT AID APPLICATIONS – The Director of Infrastructure Services submitted an urgent report seeking consideration of an application received by the council for financial assistance. 

The key points of the report were that:

  • there were two different leisure grant aid schemes
  • there was one application for grant aid to consider against the scheme criteria and available funds 

The report highlighted that the Sports Grants to Individuals scheme helped athletes selected to national teams/squads. The maximum grant was £500 towards travel and training costs and free off peak access to fitness centres and swimming pools in council run facilities. Only those sports recognised by Sport England were eligible. 

The Leisure Capital Grant Programme scheme helped community sport, arts or heritage capital projects.  The most granted was normally £15,000. It was explained that Groups could apply for one grant of up to £30,000 in any five-year period if the total cost of the project was more than £60,000. 

An application had been received from Scunthorpe United FC Community Sports and Education Trust.  The application was to support the purchase of eight second hand sports chairs.  Power chair or wheelchair football was an adapted football game specifically for people who used a power chair and all age groups and genders could play together.  The club aimed to further develop sport opportunities for people with severe disabilities.  They currently had an active team and had a waiting list of people wanting to play.  The application was urgent due to the Trust needing to move quickly with the purchase, as the equipment was only available for a limited time. 

Resolved – That a grant to the Scunthorpe United FC Community Sports and Education Trust for £3,995.00 for the purchase of eight second hand sports chairs be approved.