Adult & Children’s Services, Deputy Leader portfolio and Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Members – Minute – 15 March 2012

1  (1) PROPERTY SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS, SCOTTER HOUSE, SCUNTHORPE – The Directors of Adult Social Services, Infrastructure and Neighbourhood and Environment submitted a joint report seeking to declare Scotter House Residential Unit surplus to the requirements of Adult Social Services, and seeking approval to lease the site, or part thereof, to a housing association to enable the provision of accommodation and support facilities for homeless people with complex needs.

The council had recognised the need to provide accommodation for single homeless people with high levels of need for some time.  Most recently, the Local Investment Plan agreed with the government’s Homes and Communities Agency (the HCA) in 2011 identified a “Place of Change” as being a key local housing priority for the area.

A feasibility study was commissioned by the council that confirmed the need for a facility capable of accommodating 20 homeless people in a managed environment whilst they received life skills, training and support to enable them to move on to permanent accommodation elsewhere.

On the basis of this study, Framework Housing Association were successful in obtaining grant funding from the HCA to build a Place of Change in North Lincolnshire.  There was an expectation from the HCA that the council would provide a site on which the facility could be built.

A review of potential sites for a Place of Change identified Scotter House as being the most suitable site.  It was proposed to negotiate a lease of the Scotter House site, or part thereof, to Framework Housing Association.

Resolved – (a) That Scotter House be declared surplus to the requirements of Adult Social Services; (b) that the council lease the Scotter House site to Framework Housing Association for them to provide accommodation for homeless people with complex needs, and (c) that the Director of Infrastructure Services be asked to negotiate an appropriate 60 year lease with Framework Housing Association, through the normal Property Transaction Schedule process.