Leader of the Council – Regeneration Cabinet Member – Minutes – 16 November 2011

6  (6)  MAYORAL INVITATION TO CLAMART – 15th ANNIVERSARY OF TWINNING WITH NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Director of Corporate and Community Services submitted a report seeking consideration of an invitation received from Le Senateur-Maire de Clamart, France for the Mayor and Mayoress to attend the 15th anniversary of twinning with North Lincolnshire on 25-28 November 2011. 

North Lincolnshire had been officially twinned with Clamart, France since 1996 following local government reorganisation. This link was a continuation of twinning with Clamart established by the former Scunthorpe Borough in 1975. The two communities had continued to exchange and reinforce links over the years.  Consequently, Le Senateur-Maire de Clamart, Phillipe Kaltenbach had invited the Mayor and Mayoress of North Lincolnshire to Clamart to attend their 15th anniversary of twinning with North Lincolnshire, and 35th anniversary with Scunthorpe event. It was explained that this would take place on 25-28 November 2011 in Clamart. 

It was considered that The Mayor and Mayoress’s attendance at the anniversary event would strengthen North Lincolnshire’s communities’ historic twinning links with Clamart. 

Resolved – That the Mayor and Mayoress accept the invitation and their attendance at the anniversary twinning event in Clamart be approved.