The Leader of the Council – Regeneration Cabinet Member – Minutes – 9 December 2011

11  (11) GROWING PLACES FUND – ENDORSEMENT OF SCHEMES – The Head of Regeneration and Planning submitted a report to inform the Cabinet Member of the process to submit expressions of interest for North Lincolnshire schemes that could be put forward in the proposals for Growing Places Fund by both the Greater Lincolnshire and Humber Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). 

The report sought endorsement to submit potential schemes that met the funding criteria and relevant LEP priorities, and were detailed in the appendix to the report. 

The Cabinet Member was advised that an urgent decision was required to meet the short timescale to respond to the Humber and Greater Lincolnshire LEPs with suggested schemes so they were able to consider these and respond to the deadline for return of the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.  The deadline for receipt of these submissions by Humber and Greater Lincolnshire LEPs was 9 December 2011. 

The report outlined the criteria that projects must meet in order to be eligible for the funds from each of the LEP’s. It was explained that the Council had worked with partners to identify potential schemes that met the funding criteria and consideration would be given to which LEP it should be submitted to based on each LEP’s key priorities.  It was suggested that only schemes that met both requirements would be put forward.

Resolved – (a) That the process for submission of proposals by the Greater Lincolnshire and Humber LEPs to the Growing Places Fund be noted, and (b) that all the schemes identified which meet the criteria of the Growing Places Fund and priorities of the appropriate LEP be endorsed for submission to and consideration by the appropriate LEP as part of their Growing Places Funding proposal.