Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Member – Minutes – 28 March 2013


19        (19)  LOCAL LINK PROVISION IN THE CROSBY AREA –  The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval to increase the local Link provision in the Crosby Area of Scunthorpe.

The council’s network of Local Links provided access to council services for local people and offered benefits and housing advice services, acted as a gateway to other council services and also worked with a range of partners who could provide specialist advice and support for customers.

The former Local Link office in the Crosby area of Scunthorpe closed in 2009 with customers from Crosby being redirected to Church Square House.

Since the Crosby office closed the numbers of complex council enquiries at Church Square House were similar to those formerly received at Crosby and Church Square House, however, analysis suggested that some customers who used Crosby had not since used Church Square House.

In 2012 the council undertook a web survey to consult people about access to Local Link service in Crosby and the majority of respondents wanted access to the service in the Crosby area. Options had been explores and it was considered that there was scope to provide a service at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) on Oswald Road.  This would be subject to approval by the CAB Committee.

Resolved – That an increase to the Local Link network through the provision of 15hrs of Local Link service at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau in the Crosby area of Scunthorpe be approved.