Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Member – Minutes – 9 October 2012

8          (8)  FUNDING OF POLICE COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICERS – The Director of Places submitted a report which outlined the costs and arrangements for the deployment of two Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) for 2012/13.

In February 2012, the council made provision in the revenue budget for the development of additional Crime Prevention initiatives.  This included a commitment to fund a number of Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) posts in North Lincolnshire.  Discussion had taken place with Humberside Police to establish a timetable for recruitment and Humberside Police had agreed to recruit two additional PCSO’s as part of the intake of PCSO’s in Autumn 2012.

It had been suggested that the most appropriate deployment for the two posts would be one in Barton and one in Winterton. This recommendation was based on the findings from the Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment and ensured the best use of resources to cover gaps in provision and raise the profile of Neighbourhood Policing in these areas.

The Cabinet Member was asked to note the progress made and agree that following the start date of the 26 October 2012 the Council and Humberside Police would engage in some joint communication activity to highlight the new partnership between North Lincolnshire Council and Humberside Police in the provision of the posts.

Resolved – (a) That the progress made on this issue be noted, and (b) that the development of further publicity and communication about the posts after October 2012 be agreed.

9          (9)  INTRODUCTION OF HORSE WATCH IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Director of Places submitted a report which provided an overview of the Horse Watch Initiative in North Lincolnshire, and sought approval for the development of a Social Media site and accompanying leaflet for the initiative.

Rural Crime rates in North Lincolnshire had fallen since 2003, however, the fear of crime in rural areas had gone up.  The theft of plant and other associated items was an ongoing problem, and one significant area of crime which was on the increase, was “Equine Crime”.

It was considered that the development of an official North Lincolnshire Horse Watch scheme backed up by a dedicated Facebook page would allow some control over the messages and a validation of intelligence.  All information would be sanitised in line with the Management of Police Intelligence (MOPI) Guidelines and would be appropriate for sharing with the Public.

The Cabinet Member was advised that the intention was to develop a Facebook page and link it to other Horse Watch pages from across the Country and provide links to neighbouring police areas.

Resolved – That the initiative be taken forward as outlined within the report and appropriate publicity be sought in line with the Council’s Communication Strategy.

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