Asset Management, Culture & Housing Cabinet Member – Minutes – 28 November 2012

27 (27) POLICY FOR MARKETS IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking to review the council’s Markets Policy which was introduced on 1 April 2012.

Markets played an important role in the success of North Lincolnshire’s towns and communities.  In April 2012 a Markets Policy was introduced to allow people to set up new markets across the area.  It also made sure that they were safe places to shop and did not cause annoyance to people living and working nearby.

From 1 April 2012 the organiser of an event with five or more stalls or pitches where items were sold had to apply for a Market Consent.  This included stalls that were held as part of events and fairs and also events such as indoor and outdoor car boot sales.

In the first six months of the policy 60 applications had been received.  Where concern was expressed, officers met with the organiser to find a solution, offering advice and support.  To date all applications had been approved.  The results had been an increase in safe and successful markets across the area.

It was proposed that the Markets Policy be reviewed with a view to extending its use beyond the pilot stage.

Resolved – (a) That the proposal to extend the Markets Policy pilot scheme, pending a full review, to commence in January 2013, be approved, and (b) that the findings of the review be submitted to the Cabinet Member for a decision on making the policy permanent