Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 18 July 2012

The corresponding report of the following item (Minute 89 refers) contains exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).

89        (6) PROCUREMENT OF CONTRACT FOR MUNICIPAL WASTE RECYCLING SERVICESThe Director of Places submitted a reportupdating the Cabinet Member on the progress of the procurement of the recycling service for the Council’s municipal waste.

The report outlined that the current contracts for the provision of a range of services for management and treatment of recyclable materials for the council had expired on 31 March 2012, however the council had negotiated extensions for this service which were now due to expire in November 2012.  This allowed for replacement arrangements to be properly procured in accordance with EU regulations.

The council had decided to combine services from the separate contracts into one single contract and it was anticipated that this would help to reduce the contract management burden and achieve financial savings. In addition some services were to be brought back in-house.  A contract notice was submitted to the European Union on 26 January 2012 and subsequently pre-qualification questionnaires were received from eight organisations.   Four tenders were received by the deadline of 21 May 2012.

The matter was urgent because the timetable for the procurement had been extended to account for a delay due to round optimisation. This reduced the lead in time for the new contractor to begin resourcing the contract in readiness for the start date. It was acknowledged that the earlier the council confirmed the award the sooner the new contractor could commence placing sub-contracts and undertaking due diligence preparations.

Resolved – That the contract for municipal waste recycling services contract be awarded to SITA UK Ltd.

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