Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 25 October 2012

102 (19) CHARGES FOR CONSENT APPLICATIONS UNDER THE LAND DRAINAGE ACT – The Director of Places submitted a reportseeking approval for the introduction of charges for applications to alter a watercourse where the council is the drainage authority.

Amendments to the Land Drainage Act 1991 (LDA) came into place on 6 April 2012.  Powers were transferred to the council from the Environment Agency.  These powers included for the consenting of works on watercourses.

The council could now charge a fee for applications to culvert or amend a watercourse where the council was the drainage authority.  Where drainage board districts exist in North Lincolnshire, duties and responsibilities remained with the Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs).

The council had a responsibility to ensure that any application for consent was not detrimental or could result in an increased flood risk.

The LDA stated that the drainage authority may require a payment for applications.  A charge was set at £50 for each application unless amended by the Minister.  The council had put into place arrangements to ensure that the IDBs gave support in determining applications.  IDBs would charge their time on a cost recovery basis.  IDBs in North Lincolnshire charged the set fee where an application was within their district area in accordance with their policies.

Resolved – (a) That the introduction of the set fee for applications for consent to alter a watercourse where the council was the drainage authority, be approved, and (b) that the charge be added to the schedule of charges for the financial year 2012/13 and subsequent years.

103 (20) HIGHWAYS LOCAL TRANSPORT PLAN UPDATE – The Director of Places submitted a report updating the Cabinet Member on the progress of delivering the current Local Transport Plan and Capital budget programmes.

Transport capital expenditure was secured through the Local Transport Plan (LTP) process.  The council was required to submit a LTP submission to the Department for Transport.  The plan set out transport priorities for the council.  This year had seen the start of the third generation of the plans, which now covered a 15 year period.

As part of the LTP submission, councils were required to produce a three-year Delivery Plan.  The plan set out the programme of themes and expected outcomes for the plan.

There were two funding streams within the LTP award. These were Integrated Transport and Highway Maintenance. The allocations for the current year including carry forwards were as follows:

  • Integrated Transport £ 1,108,000
  • Highway Maintenance £ 4,257,330

All funding received through the LTP process was assessed by professionally qualified officers, considering transport priorities and performance targets. The breakdown into programmes of work was assessed using agreed policies and criteria.

Highway maintenance schemes were prioritised using nationally recognised highway condition assessment criteria within a prioritisation framework. Where appropriate, maintenance schemes also included measures to improve road safety (particularly for vulnerable road users), increase personal security, reduce crime and enhance the street scene.

Resolved – That the progress of the delivery of the programme be noted.

104 (21) BUS SERVICES: SCUNTHORPE TEATIME JOURNEYS – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval to consult on the possible withdrawal of two afternoon bus journeys in Scunthorpe.

Stagecoach ran two bus services in Scunthorpe at the end of the afternoon that were funded by the council.  They were:

  •  Service 34 circular, 17:45 from the Bus Station
  • Service 38, 17:35 to Avenue Vivian and Foxhills Road

The journeys ran from Monday to Saturday and cost £24.49 and £16.33 per day respectively.  This was £12,490 per year.  Details of the passenger numbers, cost per passenger and routes were set out in the report and accompanying appendices.

Resolved – (a) That the proposal to consult with local ward councillors and members of the public with regard to the withdrawal of the bus journeys, as set out in the report, be approved, and (b) that a further report be submitted for consideration once the consultation had concluded.

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